How to Look Candid...


Body language is story telling with the body.


I was exposed to art and the world of dance at age three. I grew up surrounded by dancers, music, and performances. I remembering decoding lyrics to music as I stared and watched performances for what felt like days on end. Each dancer's movement described a feeling and emotion to describe the music.  I began reading bodies. I became hyper-aware of body language and facial expression. My intuitive nature helped me develop these skills. My background in dance gave me an ability to read and create expression. I use this knowledge to create meaningful imagery. 

Posing is not a word I like to use. The word "pose," suggests a stuff, unnatural posture. I hate stiffness and awkwardness in photos, so I use movement to get candid-looking photos. It won't surprise you to learn that I use movement to guide people through poses. I capture these moments by clicking my shutter every time I see something beautiful. Everyone loves candid photos because they look real, natural, they express honesty, they reveal the essence of a person. I think that emotion is the root of all imagery.

Bottom Line: Don't be a poser. Remember, to get candid looking photos...use movement.