MADISON + TONY // The Fig House // Los Angeles, CA

This wedding was ONE FOR THE BOOKS. Where do I start…

Every detail was beautiful beyond words, and every human was sweet (and hilarious) as hell. Their first kiss was a combination of laughter and pure BLISS, you couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them as they sealed the deal.

Tony and Madison know how to get DOWN on the dance floor, too. Madison knows and performed the Napoleon Dynamite dance in her wedding gown in all her glory. It was a PRICELESS moment, and from now on I will always thing of you, Maddie when I hear that song.

Throughout the night this couple slow danced to any and all John Mayer songs (their fav), which was spontaneous and so sweet it melted HEARTS. They also danced with Madison’s grandparents, which made everyone (including me) tear up to witness such a beautiful moment of love and connection between the old generation and the new.

Tony was a chef at The Fig House, which made this night even SWEETER. The food was incredible to say the least, and it was obvious that the peeps in the kitchen added extra love to everything they cooked that night.

To top it off, THIS VENUE… is filled with velvet couches and drool-worthy, art deco stained glass.

I’ll just leave this post here…