HILLARY + BRUCE // Leo Carrillo Ranch // Carlsbad, CA

Hillary and Bruce are high school AND college sweethearts. That’s amazing. They’ve grown up together and they’ve become adults together.

They are parents to a rescue, ginger cat named Nemo. He’s precious. Hillary and I have spent about a year (before her wedding) sharing cat memes and cat videos, so naturally we’ve become kindred spirits. (If you know, you know.)

They had their engagement session at The Joshua Tree House, and have an obsession with cactus and all things desert. They’re a super rad and loving couple and I’m LUCKY to know them.

Check out their details…

Pre-ceremony, first look, private vows might be my favorite thing in the world. It’s intimate, and honest, and truly personal, and so special because it’s just between the two of you. It is also one of the only times in the day where you two are alone together.

Now to get LEGIT and seal the deal with a KISS.