Find a balance... they said, it would be fun they said. Balance is a beautiful thing. However, It's not something that comes easy to me.  

For example, when I work, I have to do ALL THE WORK. When I clean my apartment, I have to clean THE ENTIRE apartment. When I have a pack of peanut M&M's, I have to finish ALL THE M&M's.

It's a commitment thing. I grew up in a super structured and disciplined household, which has some positives, however it's lead me to be overambitious. Overambitious in that I find myself forcing myself to overwork which inevitably causes me to burn out, not a habit that I want to hold on to. I'm working on this seesaw effect. Life has taught me that too much of one thing causes another to suffer. Which is why I'm working on creating a new organizational system. Working from home has amazing benefits (I highly recommend it for people who love their yoga pants and never want to take them off) but it definitely has it's challenges. Like the struggle of wanting to finish up just ONE more assignment, meanwhile dinner is getting cold or you're going to be late to your yoga class. 

The image above is a photo I created in college. I studied Fine Art with a concentration in Creative Photography. It was a very conceptual program. At the time, this photo meant something so different to me than it does now. Then I was about transitioning from one person to another, teenager to young adult, holding on to something that was fleeting. Now it's about how two sides of a coin fit together. It's about duality, and how balance is constructed of opposites working together to make something work. We all need this balance in life. Without this we have imbalance, unnecessary stress, an confusion. I thought I would share this to remind myself that moderation is key. My action plan is to have a green smoothie before the M&M's. 

Namaste, all. Here's to a productive more week! (and equally restfully... cuz..YIN:YANG). 


holly pendergast

Holly Daze Photos, Los Angeles, California