IDK what I'm doing with my hands, and I'm not exactly sure where I'm going. I do know that I want to grow. I want to evolve. I'm not really the best at opening up to the world-wide-interweb... BUT I want to try blogging for a couple reasons.     

  1.  I'd like to document my life better with snapshots of my life and things I treasure.  I want to leave a digital trail that is full of mementos so that people will get to know ME... proof that "I WAS HERE" <--- In dramatic Beyonce voice. (If you don't know what I'm talking about click on the words and it will lead you to the music video.) 

2.  I want this to be a place of reflection. A place to post about shoots I've been working on and creative projects I'm a part of. 

3.  I want to learn how to be more vulnerable because I truly believe it is a state of beauty. From there I believe that I will be a better photographer. From there, I will be better able to document and capture the emotions of the love between couples. I will have better tools to take better, more permeable portraits of people. I believe that love is a form of vulnerability. One of my favorite TED talks is called The Power of Vulnerability. It completely changed the way I participate in the world. We are all so connected. Watch the video to get inspired ;) 

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holly pendergast

Holly Daze Photos, Los Angeles, California