Loom weaving and tapestry are ancient crafts. I became obsessed with these thangs after seeing them on Instagram and around vintage stores. I've seen some crazy, unique designs and became really inspired to start making them! I had no idea where to start until a dear friend invited me to a weaving workshop. We attended a work in Pasadena that happened to be just minutes from my home. I loved that I was supporting a local small business and got to meet other creative crafters. 

The workshop was incredible (and super affordable-$$$)! The instructor was so much fun and completely non-judgmental of my beginner questions. Ha! 

Our little workshop took place at a little store called LulaMae in Pasadena. The shop is FILLED with the cutest decor, gift, geodes, keepsakes, and the most hilarious handmade cards. 

I've already made about about 10 little creations and have a new appreciation for yarn... call me a granny, I don't even care. It's the perfect thing to do when I want to keep my hands busy or need to mentally detox but feel productive. It's meditative and also slightly addicting. It forces me to step away from my beloved computer and change my focus so that I can stay creative in a different outlets other than photography. Thanks LULAMAE!

To visit their website click here: lulamae.com

holly pendergast

Holly Daze Photos, Los Angeles, California