I... am a hunter. Hunting is my favorite part of shopping. I chase the feeling of catching something that's one of a kind, old fashioned or slow fashion. Older is better... better quality and made with more thought. 

Although I do participate in consumerism and online shopping on occasion, I have been trying to be more thoughtful in the way that I participate in the world. Sometimes that means buying things that are second hand from thrift stores. I've found the most amazing gems from these kinds of places. It's like the gem was waiting for me to find it, pick it up and love it!  I think that objects can take journeys, too. Someone's old wooden chair could easily become my new-old-magical-thinking-chair if I'm lucky enough to find it. 

I found these lil lovelys at a Goodwill. Do you think these yoga models are still doing yoga and have Instagram accounts with 10k followers?!  

Anyway, I appreciate these gems.


holly pendergast

Holly Daze Photos, Los Angeles, California