MADISON + TONY // The Fig House // Los Angeles, CA

This wedding was ONE FOR THE BOOKS. Where do I start…

Every detail was beautiful beyond words, and every human was sweet (and hilarious) as hell. Their first kiss was a combination of laughter and pure BLISS, you couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them as they sealed the deal.

Tony and Madison know how to get DOWN on the dance floor, too. Madison knows and performed the Napoleon Dynamite dance in her wedding gown in all her glory. It was a PRICELESS moment, and from now on I will always thing of you, Maddie when I hear that song.

Throughout the night this couple slow danced to any and all John Mayer songs (their fav), which was spontaneous and so sweet it melted HEARTS. They also danced with Madison’s grandparents, which made everyone (including me) tear up to witness such a beautiful moment of love and connection between the old generation and the new.

Tony was a chef at The Fig House, which made this night even SWEETER. The food was incredible to say the least, and it was obvious that the peeps in the kitchen added extra love to everything they cooked that night.

To top it off, THIS VENUE… is filled with velvet couches and drool-worthy, art deco stained glass.

I’ll just leave this post here…

HILLARY + BRUCE //Engagement Session in Joshua Tree, CA

Hillary and Bruce had their engagement session in Joshua Tree, California. They are a match made in heaven and a couple of cozy, cuddley, lovebirds at in the Joshua Tree House AirBnb.

This session includes a pillow fight, chasing the last of the sunlight, and trying to keep one another from turning into a popsicle, IT WAS FREEZING but SO WORTH IT and so much fun!!

HILLARY + BRUCE // Leo Carrillo Ranch // Carlsbad, CA

Hillary and Bruce are high school AND college sweethearts. That’s amazing. They’ve grown up together and they’ve become adults together.

They are parents to a rescue, ginger cat named Nemo. He’s precious. Hillary and I have spent about a year (before her wedding) sharing cat memes and cat videos, so naturally we’ve become kindred spirits. (If you know, you know.)

They had their engagement session at The Joshua Tree House, and have an obsession with cactus and all things desert. They’re a super rad and loving couple and I’m LUCKY to know them.

Check out their details…

Pre-ceremony, first look, private vows might be my favorite thing in the world. It’s intimate, and honest, and truly personal, and so special because it’s just between the two of you. It is also one of the only times in the day where you two are alone together.

Now to get LEGIT and seal the deal with a KISS.

CRYSTAL + CODY // Newland Barn Wedding // Huntington Beach, CA

Crystal and Cody are effortlessly beautiful human beings with a sense of humor that makes everything fun. AND THEIR LOVE AND ADORATION FOR EACH OTHER IS SO OBVIOUS IT WILL WARM YOUR HEART.

Their details to die for… eucalyptus, calligraphy, lace, and flowers, and a cement background. Is there anything better? They have ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ flasks (so you know they know how to party), and the groom and his buddies WILLING do the “BEND AND SNAP.”

Crystal and Cody also bust out into a Grease (“You’re the One That I Want”) dance battle in the middle of their first dance.

LASTLY, they end the night by sinking their teeth into a chocolate donut.



What is an unplugged wedding?

Its a ceremony free of distraction, its an experienced not viewed through a screen, it’s being present in witnessing a union.

Your ceremony will only happen once, you invited your favorite people to be there for you, to support you as you say "I do." If their minds are focused on focusing their camera phones, their minds are not with you. Those moments can not be relived no matter how many clips they film or how many photos they take. The purpose of attending a wedding to experience the love, not just observe it from a screen. Let me document the ceremony, let me make sure I get "the shot." So guest can relax and enjoy every fleeting moment. They can download and treasure the photos and moments I capture for them!

So, consider asking your guests to turn off their phones. Just for your ceremony. Just so they can be more present and make better memories with you.



What is a first look? A first look is when a couple chooses to see each other before their ceremony. Before you start shaking your head, "no, no, no, no," hear about how to make your day even more romantic and firm in your memory.


An old wedding traditions say that it's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. I realize that people have been dreaming of this day and the moment they see each other at the end of the aisle. It's that magical moment in all romantic-comedy, wedding movies where everyone's checking to see if the groom has shed a tear when he sees the lovely girl in a white dress walking towards him. I promise, this phenomenal aisle moment happens regardless of a first look or not.

The thing is,  wedding days are not accurately portrayed in movies. Your wedding day is going to be gorgeous and full of all those warm, fuzzy feelings, and you will be surrounded by your favorite people. Your day will be jam packed with special moments, because of that the day will fly by before your eyes like you're on fast-forward mode!



What you get when you decide to do a first look, is designated time for you and your love to see each other, fully. Time to look each other in the eye, absorb each other, and feel each other... without all eyes on you and people staring to see if you'll cry or trip, haha! These first look movements are the most tender moments of your day, its private alone time to say "I love you," "I can't wait to marry you," and "LETS DO THIS THING!!" 


I think a first look is the perfect way to spend more time together on your day, which is what your wedding is all about... you two!

So give me another chance to give you more couple photos, it would be my pleasure!



How to Look Candid...


Body language is story telling with the body.


I was exposed to art and the world of dance at age three. I grew up surrounded by dancers, music, and performances. I remembering decoding lyrics to music as I stared and watched performances for what felt like days on end. Each dancer's movement described a feeling and emotion to describe the music.  I began reading bodies. I became hyper-aware of body language and facial expression. My intuitive nature helped me develop these skills. My background in dance gave me an ability to read and create expression. I use this knowledge to create meaningful imagery. 

Posing is not a word I like to use. The word "pose," suggests a stuff, unnatural posture. I hate stiffness and awkwardness in photos, so I use movement to get candid-looking photos. It won't surprise you to learn that I use movement to guide people through poses. I capture these moments by clicking my shutter every time I see something beautiful. Everyone loves candid photos because they look real, natural, they express honesty, they reveal the essence of a person. I think that emotion is the root of all imagery.

Bottom Line: Don't be a poser. Remember, to get candid looking photos...use movement.