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I'm a Southern California Photographer. I absolutely adore heartfelt people and tender moments.  Here's what I'm about:

  • kindness over coolness
  • home design and space + 70s vibes
  • yoga keeps me in check with the universe
  • treasure hunting, aka flea market and thrift store finds 
  • being good witch by collecting crystals + essential oils 
  • obsessions: cats, avocado toast, very large lattes
  • guilty pleasures: watching Law & Order SVU with ice cream (mint chip please), my cat, and my boo, while making macrame wall hangings.






 I grew up in Los Angeles. My first love was dance. I took my first ballet lesson when I was three years old and continued into adulthood. My background in dance taught me to read and interpret body language and facial expression. With that insight, I guide people through poses in a genuine fashion using movement.  


I earned my BFA in Creative Photography in 2014. Though I studied multiple mediums while in college, I most admired those who value human emotion, expression, and LIGHT. 

Presently, I spend my days photographing people and planning personalized photo sessions unique to each person or couple.